HTML5 represent numerous opportunities in web development for businesses that develop and deploy online content and web applications. Overall, by using both of these tools in your businesses' web development you can optimise your users' web experience, provide a solid foundation for your SEO and content marketing strategy and significantly reduce your cross-platform web development and support costs whilst increasing your reach and optimising web experience.

CSS3/Bootstrap 4

CSS3 is a powerful tool for Web designers. Since CSS3 has been introduced, there has been better control over the demonstration of content on a website. No matter where we decide to use our programming abilities, it will be seen that web technologies are truly foundational and necessary to get the most out of every platform.


JavaScript and its Framework are a wonderful technology to use on the web. It is not that hard to learn and it is very versatile. It plays nicely with other web technologies such as HTML5 and CSS3. JavaScript allows us to build highly responsive user interfaces, prevent frustrating page reloads, and even fix support issues for CSS. The speed and small memory footprint of JavaScript in comparison to other languages brings up more and more uses for it — from automating repetitive tasks in programs like Illustrator, up to using it as a server-side language with a standalone parser.

React JS

React JS acts as a blessing for the developers to build highly engaging apps with responsive UI within a short span of time. It allows us to break complex components and create single-page applications with less coding. However, getting into React is easy but to master in it is difficult. Hence to transform the value-added ideas to full-fledged products it is important for the businesses to hire professional React Developers. Hope this article delivered an overall insight on the benefits of using React JS for application.